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Vanfook (SW-04)

Vanfook (SW-04)

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A hook with an ultra-thin shaft tube that "bends" a short bite. An ultra-thin shaft hook that is ideal for targets targeted by super light jigging, such as grunts, root fish, small blue-backed fish, and sea bream. A long taper point design that allows you to quickly hook even the smallest bite that bites into the fall of a lightweight jig. It also has a fluffy form that holds firmly after hooking, and strength that does not make you feel thin. And a type with a tube that allows you to easily create an assist hook with an outer hook even at a fishing spot (on board). When attacking a rough point with a light tackle of a thin line, a thick hook with excessive strength will lead to jigs and lost lines if it gets rooted. In consideration of this point, the hardness is adjusted and heat-treated so that the hook can be bent and collected without breaking the line as much as possible. The surface treatment is silver-plated, which has excellent rust prevention performance. <Recommended tackle for super light jigging> ・ Main line: PE line 0.6-0.8 ・ Leader: Fluorocarbon 4-5

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