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Vanfook (STA-15)

Vanfook (STA-15)

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Twin Assist for Super Light Jigging Twin assist that is ideal for game fish aimed at super light jigging such as grunt, root fish, sea bream, and small blue fish. Hook: Swifter (SW-04) A long taper point design that allows you to quickly hook even the smallest bite that bites into the fall of a lightweight jig. It has a fluffy form that holds firmly after hooking, and strength that does not make you feel thin. Assist line: Jigging Assist line Fluorocore (J-FC) 50LB By inserting an extra-fine fluorocarbon line as a woven core, the assist line itself has a moderate tension. This minimizes troubles such as entanglement with the leader and hook entry into the assist ring, which are likely to occur with the front assist hook. Ring: Welding ring # 3 We have carefully selected a size that makes it easy to attach a small diameter split ring.

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