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Vanfook (JS-39)

Vanfook (JS-39)

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Step assist with split ring that can be used immediately on site Step assist with split ring that is easy to use when aiming small migratory fish with a casting jig or the like. We have a lineup of hook sizes that are easy to set on jigs of 60g or less. The two hooks are individually tied so that the hooks can move flexibly in consideration of small blue-backed fish with weak suction. By changing the position where the split ring is attached, it can be set either inward or outward. (It faces outward when packaging) The root winding part is coated with epoxy resin to prevent it from fraying. Hook: Jigen (JH-10) Assist line: Jigging assist line (J-AL) 80LB Ring: Assist ring (A-PR) #S

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