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Vanfook (JL-45)

Vanfook (JL-45)

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Inshore Standard Twin Assist This is a highly versatile twin assist that we would like to recommend first when aiming at various targets such as blue-backed fish, sea bream, and root fish. If it is a slow jig, it will be the best setting if you set it on both the front and rear with a size of about 15 to 18 cm. In this model, the two hooks are individually tied so that the hooks can move flexibly. By changing the position where the split ring is attached, it can be set either inward or outward. By combining the jiggen twin assist series (short twin, light twin, long twin) according to the situation, the optimum setting that maximizes the movement of the jig is possible. Hook: Jigen (JH-10) Assist line: Jigging assist line (J-AL) 120LB Ring: Assist ring (A-PR) #S Shrink tube: Blue shrink tube (B-ST) 2.5 mm * April 2022 From the day, the price will be revised to the following.

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