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Vanfook (JH-40)

Vanfook (JH-40)

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A hook with a medium-thick shaft tube that boasts high hooking performance A jigging hook with a tube that is tough enough to withstand the intense pulling of large fish. The potential to instantly penetrate the fish's hard upper jaw with a sharp hook enables smooth hooking without feeling the thickness of the shaft. The round shaft design, which is the most distinctive feature, makes use of the bending of the hook itself to pull the fish, suppressing the spread of the hook hole and preventing burr. In addition, the hook weight has been reduced by reducing the diameter of the pipe to the limit where the assist line can pass, resulting in a lightweight finish. The surface treatment is silver-plated, which has excellent rust prevention performance. As an item using this hook, we have a lineup of single assists for large blue-backed fish and tuna. * April 2022, # 8

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