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Vanfook (J-FC)

Vanfook (J-FC)

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Assist line with a fluorocarbon core that has both flexibility and tension A PE assist line with a core that incorporates two (or three) fluorocarbon lines. It is hard to get habit and suppresses entanglement, and realizes a comfortable feeling of use. It has moderate tension and flexibility, and the work of tying and tightening is also excellent. * Please use this model without removing the core.

lb # Core Qty
50 8 0.8号×2本撚り 6m
80 12 1.0号×2本撚り 5m
100 14 1.2号×2本撚り 5m
120 16 1.5号×3本撚り 5m
150 20 2.0号×3本撚り 5m
200 32 2.5号×3本撚り 4m
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