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Spathe Rods



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Spathe Slow Dance series of inline SPJ rods are available for pre-order.  Due to the limited quantity available for this release, we highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to secure your desired rod.

By placing a pre-order, you can ensure that your Spathe Slow Dance rod will be delivered during the first week of July.  We understand the importance of timely delivery and are committed to providing a seamless experience for our valued customers.

For more details on the rod, kindly visit -


 Model I II III
Piece 2 (2/3 Joint) 2 (2/3 Joint) 2 (2/3 Joint)
Length 6'0" 6'0" 5'8"
Power Medium Heavy Heavy Heavy
Action Moderate Slow Moderate Slow Moderate Slow
Lure (g) 120-200 160-260 200-230
Weight (g) 150 152 155
Pack Length (cm) 137 137 137


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