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Shout (352VG)

Shout (352VG)

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Clear fluorine coated hook & PE line with thick shaft super penetration, step type double assist. Gap (step) type of ultra-penetrating clear fluorine-processed heavy spark hook. A hard type with an ester core that does not easily get entangled with leaders and jigs and is ideal for front hooks. Since the core is an ester line, even if it has a fold, it will return to its original state if pulled. Since it is a high-strength thick-axis hook, you can challenge power fighters such as tuna, amberjack, amberjack, and bristle with a thick main line and high drag tension. A lineup of 5 hook sizes that correspond to various jigs and situations.

Model Size
PE Qty
352VG 1/0 2cm/3.5cm 2セット
4/0 2cm/4cm 1セット
5/0 2.5cm/4.5cm


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