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Shout (329DK)

Shout (329DK)

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Double hook assist with plug compatible, <Kudako> PE line. A type of assist hook that attaches to a plug in amberjack, GT, and tuna top water games. Compared to the treble hook, the disparity after hanging is drastically reduced. A slightly longer assist hook specification improves hooking response. The hook is easily sucked even with a short bite.

Weight per set
PE Press ring size
329DK シルバー Silver 1/0 2 2.6g 150lb 5
2/0 2 3.7g
3/0 2 5.1g 200lb
4/0 2 6.1g 6
5/0 2 8.5g 300lb 7
6/0 1 13.4g
7/0 1 17.2g
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