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Shout (04KH)

Shout (04KH)

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From big names in the coastal waters to overseas expeditions. Speaking of power hooks, Kudako. Nuwa Island, Kudako no Se. The strongest hook to catch monsters [KUDAKO]. "KUDAKO" was developed for catching large amberjacks, amberjacks, and amberjacks. Lightweight and tough high carbon carbon steel is used for the material. Nemuri that eliminates rooting and threading and promises reliable hooking to the mouth. A long taper hook point that allows stress-free movement from the beginning of the stab to the gap and a wide holding gap to hold the target. And, considering the use as an assist hook with thick and taut thread, Kudako's biggest feature is the up eye (outer bending ring). Of course, it also provides excellent balance when attached to the rear eye using a split ring.

04-KH シルバー Silver 1/0 6 1.2g
2/0 6 1.7g
3/0 5 2.2g
4/0 4 2.7g
5/0 3 3.9g
6/0 2 6.1g
7/0 2 7.9g
8/0 2 11.2g
9/0 2 12.9g
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