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Temple Reef

Metal Jacket Kevlar Dynamism

Metal Jacket Kevlar Dynamism

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Freshwater BC rods for river monsters in 3 models. Regular to extra heavy, butt-joined. Range from PE6-10. 

Blank material: 24T + 30T

All rods in Temple Reef’s Metal Jacket series have several common characteristics. The Metal Jacket rods are well-balanced and responsive. This allows for accurate casts and less fatigue when fishing from sun-up to sun-down. For durability and longevity, they come equipped with quality components – from sturdy, double-footed guides and heavy-duty thread wrapping, to tight locking Fuji reel seats and comfortable EVA handles. The cosmetics are handsome and understated for a clean professional appearance. 

Also common in all Metal Jacket rods are their incredible weight to strength ratio. These rods have a tremendous amount of reserve power throughout the mid and lower section of each rod. At no point will they leave you feeling underpowered when doing battle with trophy fish.

I have been fishing for many years and using casting rods of all kinds and all brands, every time we need stronger one-piece casting rods that can fight big beasts such as giant peacock bass or sneakhead, or also Papuan black bass or payaras. It is not only the power of the fish but also where they are found, in many things, structures, currents, etc. It is important to have a very powerful rod but one that allows you to be able to cast and fish comfortably, as well as being able to animate a lure successfully. Its spiral ring does not twist the carbon and they are even stronger, at the time of the cast you do not notice anything and you do not lose meters of distance, they are important details in this type of rod Use the Metal Jacket 68 XH to fish Payaras in very complicated areas with poles and strong currents, it can fight more than 30 large payaras in a single day and I think that without a rod with these characteristics it would have been very difficult for me to be able to embark some, since I needed to brake my reel to the limit and that the rod will hold the bridle and the fish. Limitless rods for demanding and extreme anglers who are looking for something different and want to have confidence and control during the fight.


Prostaff – Alex Rios (Spain)

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