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Temple Reef

Levitate Nabla

Levitate Nabla

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TEMPLE REEF’s flagship SPJ rod has just undergone a significant structural and ergonomic redesign to give the user better Strength, Stability, Comfort, Balance, and Sensitivity.


The entire handle of the Levitate is now a monobloc design.  We adopted an inverted triangular geometry design and called it – The Nabla ∇. The Nabla ∇ is inherently more robust than the circular shape, so it needs less material to achieve flexural rigidity, resulting in a stiffer and lighter blank.


A proprietary FLAT TOP design along the plane of the rear handle section allows for more excellent stability and support for the forearm to rest on the rod during slow pitch jigging. Better stability and control equates to enhanced performance.


The rear end of the rod is now nearly 30% slimmer than its predecessor.  This part of the rod, which is tucked under the arm when fighting a fish or reeling in a jig, can be very uncomfortable or even cause bruising when used for an extended duration.  In addition, the new SLIM GRIP design is only 26mm at its widest, ensuring comfort in the heat of battle.


Equipped with our proprietary Direct Sensory System (DSS)

Model Nabla Zero Nabla I Nabla II Nabla III
Guides Fuji IG SiC Guides Fuji IG SiC Guides Fuji IG SiC Guides Fuji IG SiC Guides
Piece 2 (Butt Joint) 2 (Butt Joint) 2 (Butt Joint) 2 (Butt Joint)
Action Slow Slow Slow Slow
Length 6'8" 6'8" 6'8" 6'8"
Lure (g) 50-200g 100-300g 150-400g 200-500g
Weight (g) 156 157 160 161
Pack Length (cm) 157 157 157 157

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