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Temple Reef

Grand Opus STZ

Grand Opus STZ

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The Opus STZ series of 2-piece solid tip rods are designed for finesse game casting with an extra-fast action, accommodating 1-16g lures/jigs and ultra-light lines. With a 46T carbon blank and Titanium Torzite guides, the rods weigh in at less than 60g.

Originally designed for Ajing jigging in Japan for Horse Mackerel, this technique has been adopted for many kinds of finesse jigging. The Opus STZ series is manufactured with the lightest and most responsive materials, featuring a solid tip that extends to the 2nd guide for maximum sensitivity.

Paired with extremely lightweight components, including Fuji Titanium with Torzite guides, the finished product is lightweight and perfectly balanced. The blank material is composed of 30T and 46T carbon for optimal strength and responsiveness.

The Opus STZ series is a top-of-the-line choice for finesse game casting, providing superior sensitivity and responsiveness for a successful fishing experience. With high-quality components and advanced materials, these rods are designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning angler.

Blank Material – 30T + 46T  

Fuji Titanium Torzite T-ATTG + T-KTTG

Solid Tip

Model STZ 6416S STZ 6928S STZ 74410S
Guides Fuji Titanium Torzite Fuji Titanium Torzite Fuji Titanium Torzite
Type Finesse Game / Spin Finesse Game / Spin Finesse Game / Spin
Piece 2 2 2
Power Finesse Ultra Ultra Light Light
Action Fast Fast Fast
Length 6'4" 6'9" 7'4"
Line 1.6lb / PE0.2-0.6 2.8lb / PE0.3-0.8 4-10lb / PE0.4-1.0
Lure (g) 1-8 3-12 5-16
Max Drag @45º (kg) na na na
Pack Length (cm) 103 110 119
Weight (g) 60 61 75
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