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Gamakatsu Pliers & Scissors Holder (GM2526)

Gamakatsu Pliers & Scissors Holder (GM2526)

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Uses a material that is resistant to friction.

● Equipped with a belt that can fix scissors on the front.

● Folded hook-and-loop fastener specifications that can be attached to pants belts and floating vests.

● The back is a mesh specification with excellent breathability. The contact part is hard to get stuffy.

● The fall-prevention flap is a rubber cord specification that can be securely fixed. You can easily attach and detach it by pinching the handle.

● D-can is placed on the side. Parts can be easily attached with a carabiner or Naskan. It is also possible to attach a tail rope connected to scissors.

〈S〉D65×W130mm 〈M〉D75×W180mm

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