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Gamakatsu HD Fish Scissor 20cm (LE125)

Gamakatsu HD Fish Scissor 20cm (LE125)

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The serration process prevents slipping on thick bones and fins, and cuts PE lines and wires crisply. Estimated size of each target fish that can cut the hardest neck bone 
Blue-backed fish: up to about 80 cm
Flounder: Up to about 80 cm
Groupers, red sea bream: up to about 60 cm
Other small and medium-sized fish: Can be cut without problems
The extra-thick blade with a total length of 70 mm and a thickness of 3.8 mm can easily cut the fins and bones of large fish.
Equipped with a safety lock that takes safety into consideration.
All stainless steel specifications that are resistant to rust. 
Elastomer grip that is not slippery and easy to apply force.

Size: 200mm Weight: Approximately 180g

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