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Gamakatsu 24 GT Recorder

Gamakatsu 24 GT Recorder

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The Gamakatsu GT Recorder BARBLESS treble has been around for a very long time and has set the benchmark for being the ultimate strength treble available. Many still regard this as the most powerful treble on the market today and the only hook to use when targeting big power fish all over the world.

With its unique “magic” eye system, it is easy to insert your split rings and the barbless treble makes it easy to release your catch. Please note that these hooks have a lot more metal composition than other hooks on the market which is makes them unique and extremely strong.

4/0 - [12 per pack]

5/0 - [12 per pack]

6/0 - [10 per pack]

7/0 - [8 per pack]

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