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Decoy Wire Double Assist (WA-51)

Decoy Wire Double Assist (WA-51)

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It is an assist system that increases the hooking rate by attaching it to a swim bait, etc., where hooking is difficult to determine in the normal state. Extend the double hook with bait holder with a wire. After hooking, the hook comes off from the worm, and even if the fish goes wild, the wire flexibly follows it, making it difficult to disassemble. It can also be attached to the rear eye of the jig head with a split ring.

● Uses 3x7 nylon coated wire that is difficult to kink.
● Uses a double sleeve to completely fix the wire.
● Uses a W hook with an outbarb bait holder that is easy to fix to worms.
● An i-guard that can be easily set on the main hook and can be firmly fixed is used as a stopper.

Medium - 2 pieces per pack

Large - 2 pieces per pack

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