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Decoy Urethane Tube (T-2)

Decoy Urethane Tube (T-2)

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It is a high-quality urethane tube that is highly durable, wear-resistant, and ultra-flexible for strengthening and protecting parts that are burdened by contact with the knot of the leader and lure. You can protect the leader from fish with sharp teeth such as hairtails by taking a long time and putting a tube in it to bind it.

<Compatible leader>
0.6mm: No. 3-8
0.8mm: No. 6-16
1.0mm: No. 16-30
1.5mm: No. 30-70
* The size notation indicates the inner diameter of the tube.

0.6mm: 1.5m
0.8mm: 1m
1.0mm: 1m
1.5mm: 1m

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