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Decoy Twin Falx (DJ-66)

Decoy Twin Falx (DJ-66)

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Mid-deep sea jigging that is popular because it can target high-class fish such as blackthroat seaperch. "AS-06 Falx" is used, which is a hook with "lightweight and smooth penetration" necessary for slowly manipulating jigs with a weight of well over 300g. Using a thin shaft wire that could not maintain the strength with the conventional jigging hook, while forging to the utmost limit with the new technology of Dual Forged, the inside of the foot roller is flattened to reduce the looseness due to the mouth break. It is an assist hook for mid-deep sea jigging that uses a slightly longer assist line and is attached to the front and rear of the jig to efficiently hang it on the mouth and body of the fish.

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