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Decoy Turning Tube (T-4)

Decoy Turning Tube (T-4)

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A heat-shrinkable tube that is effective as a worm keeper when attached to the shank of a jig head or jig hook. It supports a wide range of fishing and tension wire diameters, from thin-axis hooks used in light games to thick-axis hooks for offshore use.

In addition, it is also effective for protecting the chimoto of the assist hook for light jigging.

● Heat-shrinkable tube with shrinkage rate of about 50% (thickness ratio).

● Covers all hooks with a fine lineup with an inner diameter of 0.8 mm to 3 mm.

* When using a lighter, be careful not to expose it to fire for a long time. The tube may melt.
* Be careful not to get burned or fire when applying heat, and it is easy for the tension to get hot, so it is recommended to fix it with pliers or a vise.

0.8mm - [1m]
1mm - [1m]
1.5mm - [1m]
2mm - [80cm]
2.5mm - [80cm]
3mm - [80cm]
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