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Decoy Split Ring Light (R-2) - Red

Decoy Split Ring Light (R-2) - Red

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A light class split ring that is ideal for all small and medium size lures. The lineup includes matte black for use in bass trout and silver, which is ideal for use in salt.

● Inner cut type that makes it easy to set on the lure eye and hook.
● Flat processing that maintains sufficient strength.
● A lineup of matte black that does not give caution to fish, silver that can be used for salt games, and red color that is ideal for use with red hooks that stimulate the instinct of fish.
● Ideal for medium and small lures such as for buses and trout.
* The color of rings with a red finish is structurally easy to peel off, and the color will peel off when attached to a lure or hook. Please be aware of this before use.

#0 (15lb) - [20 pieces per pack]

#1 (20lb) - [20 pieces per pack]

#2 (30lb) - [20 pieces per pack]

#3 (40lb) - [20 pieces per pack]

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