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Decoy Smart Leader (WL-51)

Decoy Smart Leader (WL-51)

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The leader ran out even though I was fishing in front of me! The "smart reader" with PE crochet loop specifications is useful in such cases. It is ideal for beginners as there is no need to build a leader system with a simple loop-to-loop connection that creates a loop on the road thread and passes it through it! Of course, the leader uses the fluorocarbon line to play an active part in various salt lure games such as egging and light shore jigging, and speedy leader exchange will not miss a chance time.

● Easy binding with loop to loop, recommended for beginners.
● Uses a fluorocarbon line that is resistant to root misalignment.
● PE braided loop specifications minimize troubles.
● The PE loop part is color-coded according to the number.
● Mobile package specifications that are not bulky.

2 (8lb) - [3 pieces per pack]

3 (12lb) - [3 pieces per pack]

4 (16lb) - [3 pieces per pack]

5 (20lb) - [3 pieces per pack]

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