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Decoy Smart Leader Long (WL-52)

Decoy Smart Leader Long (WL-52)

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The leader has run out even though it is a fishing time! A long version of the PE-woven "Smart Reader" that is useful in such situations, and is compatible with boat fishing. Uses a strong and firm fluorocarbon line. Easy connection makes leader unity speedy, even for beginners and swaying ships! Not only for lure fishing such as jigging and snapper mule, but also for bait fishing such as hairtail tenya.

● Easy binding with loop to loop, recommended for beginners.
● 3m long leader specification that is easy to handle with offshore tackle.
● Uses a fluorocarbon line that is resistant to root misalignment.
● PE braided loop specifications minimize troubles.
● Mobile package specifications that are not bulky.

5 (20lb) - [3 pieces per pack]

6 (24lb) - [2 pieces per pack]

8 (32lb)- [2 pieces per pack]

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