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Decoy Power Roll Snap (PR-11)

Decoy Power Roll Snap (PR-11)

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A high-strength, high-speed ball bearing swivel that prevents line troubles is set with a W snap that is convenient for lure replacement by opening and closing on both sides. Ideal for rotating lures such as swimming metal jigs and spoons. The NS black finish makes it inconspicuous, and the lure is surely bitten by aiming at hairtails. Of course, it supports both shore and offshore styles.

● Uses high-strength, high-speed ball bearing swivels.
● Welding ring specifications that do not damage the knot.
● Both sides open and close, pull out lure action, and adopt W snap with excellent strength.
● Inconspicuous NS black finish.

#0 (33lb) - [2 pieces per pack]

#1 (44lb) - [2 pieces per pack]

#2 (55lb) - [2 pieces per pack]

#3 (77lb) - [2 pieces per pack]

#4 (110lb) - [2 pieces per pack]

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