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Decoy Plus Fiber (F-11)

Decoy Plus Fiber (F-11)

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It is a tuning item integrated with a snap so that you can easily attach the flash fiber that appeals with glitter with one touch.
It goes well with jig head rigs, treble hooks, assist hooks, etc., and by setting it, it improves the appeal while hiding the existence of the hook. Also, by attaching it to the tail of a metal jig, it has the effect of slowly inviting you while suppressing the fall speed. It will play a role in higher-grade fishing results.
Since it is possible to pierce the hook in the part where the shrink tube is processed, it is also effective for hairtail tenya.

● With snap that can be easily attached to hook eyes and lure eyes.
● Long fiber (7 cm) that can be adjusted by cutting the length and amount according to your preference.
● Silky white that fits in all colors / Chart with good visibility / Glow that glows in the dark with phosphorescence 3 color lineup.

F-11S - [3 pieces per pack]

F-11C - [3 pieces per pack]

F-11G - [3 pieces per pack]

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