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Decoy Pike Sato Bending (AS-05SP)

Decoy Pike Sato Bending (AS-05SP)

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Mr. Norihiro Sato, who sent out slow jigging with slow pitch jerk, long fall jerk and light tackle, tuned Pike! Adapted to slow jigging technique and tuned to a hook angle that makes it easier for fish to catch based on the performance of the pike. This hook angle prevents rooting and reliably catches the target even when aiming for aggressive bottoms and root fish.

● Norihiro Sato tuned the pike to achieve the ultimate penetration and holding power.
● The point angle that adapts to the slow jigging technique and is ideal for aiming at the bottom, making it difficult to take root.
● In addition to increasing the strength of the first vent part, the CF processing that prevents burr such as breakage of the mouth is further strengthened.
● Reinforced flat striking to two curves where force is applied further improves shaft strength.
● The barb part is set large to prevent burr.
● Highly corrosion resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment that are resistant to rust.
● Eco & Pro Pack, which is a great deal with a large amount.

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