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Decoy Pike (AS-03)

Decoy Pike (AS-03)

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It is a hook exclusively for assist supervised by Koichi Kubo, who pursued the ideal shape of light jigging assist, which smoothly pulls into hooking even with a light force and prevents burr to the utmost with the strength of the hook that does not make you feel thin. In jigging with a light tackle, there are many jiggingers who say "it must be this hook" due to the speed of hooking and the lack of baldness, and it is the hook used in the popular "Twin Pike DJ-88".

● Designed exclusively for light jigging that supports jigging with light tackles regardless of shore or offshore.
● Fine long taper and exquisite point angle realize smooth and quick hooking.
● CF processing that shows "strength that does not make you feel thin" and improves hold performance despite the thin shaft and wide gape.
● Reinforced flat striking to two curves where force is applied further improves shaft strength.
● The barb part is set large to prevent burr.
● Highly corrosion resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment that are resistant to rust.

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