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Decoy Item Seal (C-1,C-5,C-6,C-7)

Decoy Item Seal (C-1,C-5,C-6,C-7)

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It is a number sticker that can be attached directly to the tackle box that stores sinkers and hooks, and even to reels and rods, so that tackles can be managed in an easy-to-understand manner.
White and black letters are treated on the transparent base to ensure visibility no matter where you put it! Comes with 2 sheets that can be pasted a lot.

● Easy-to-read clear sheet and white border characters are used for cases and spools of all colors. (The line number display is black border / white characters.)
● Uses a character print that does not easily come off even when wet or rubbed.
● Comes with 2 sheets that can be used sufficiently.
● Use an oil-based pen to write your favorite content on the blank sticker, and feel free to use it.

[2 pieces per pack] 

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