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Decoy Falx (AS-06)

Decoy Falx (AS-06)

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Pursuing a form that surely hooks up a bite that is entwined around jigging that invites to throw in the deep area. In addition to the long taper and straight points that realize smooth hook-up and deep hooking, the foot roller part is finished with a triangular shaft to increase the twist strength and adopt the industry's first new technology Dual Forged processing to further increase the strength. The inside of the foot roller is made a flat surface to improve the holding power, prevent burr due to mouth breakage, etc., and at the same time eliminate strength anxiety. "Falx AS-06" follows all slow jigging with light tackle.

● Dual Forged processing is used to increase the twist strength and hold force and bring out the performance of the fine shaft hook.
● A form that pursues ease of suction and hooking.
● Long taper & straight point that realizes quick and deep hook-up.
● Uses rust-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment.

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