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Decoy 3 Swords Jack (DJ-68)

Decoy 3 Swords Jack (DJ-68)

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A wire assist system that assembles a thin-axis jigging hook in a treble shape and slides atari from all directions to effectively hang it. By extending it with a wire, you can follow the vicinity of the center of the jig, and you can hang it firmly especially at the time of fall, which leads to reduction of lost jig. This is a recommended item when you want to hang a fluttering Atari or a hairtail who has come to see a jig.

● Supple and hard to kink 7 x 7 = 49 twists Stainless steel wire adopted
● A luminous tube that serves as a bite marker is placed on the shank.
● "AS-06 FALX" is used for the hook. Although it is a thin shaft with a good hook, it is reinforced by flattening. In addition, we have adopted a triangular shaft processing that does not easily cut off even when it is shallow. * DUAL FORGED
● Equipped with a swivel to reduce the disparity of hanging.

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