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Daiichi Seiko

Daiichi Seiko Foliage Green (Wani Grip MC + Holster)

Daiichi Seiko Foliage Green (Wani Grip MC + Holster)

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Possible to hold preys safely and in a speedy manner without dirtying or damaging your hands in all saltwater fishing scenes, ranging from horse mackerel, oval squid, largehead hairtail, and rockfish.
By accommodating the Wani Grip in the holster without the tip of the Wani Grip locked, the Wani Grip will open when it is simply taken out, thus making it possible to catch the prey instantaneously.
The product can be carried without worrying about dirt if the grabbed fish is once accommodated in the holster.
The holster adopts a hanger with round corners that are suitable to thick and thin belts and will not fall off with ease.
Attached to your bag, game vest, Tackle Carrier, and the frame of the Bakkan (a fish bag container).
Provided with a safety rope and the Holster Base MC for cooler box mounting so as to prevent them from dropping out or missing.

Wani Grip
● Size: 260 × 36 × 32 mm
● Weight: 130 g
● Size: 271 × 41 × 37 mm
● Weight: 105 g
Holster Base
● Size: 45 × 53 × 19 mm
● Weight: 15 g

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