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Daiichi Seiko

Daiichi Seiko Foliage Green (Noobiner S + Snap Holder)

Daiichi Seiko Foliage Green (Noobiner S + Snap Holder)

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The S-shaped carabiner incorporating a 45-cm-long rope that can be mounted to game vests with ease.
The S-shaped carabiner adopts high-strength and rust-free glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP with a content of 55%), and a one-sided loop of the built-in double-safety roles that extends 45 cm is provided with two snap holders and the other loop is provided with your favorite small items.

Noobiner S
● Size: 88 × 60 × 11 mm (excluding rope)
● Size: 39 × 33 × 3.5 mm
Noobiner S + Snapholder
● Weight: 23 g

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