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Temple Reef



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Vertical medium to heavy jigging rods for jigs 300-500g in both spin and BC configurations. 1-piece.

R Jigger pushes the limit of jigging as anglers aim to land bigger and stronger fish with the lightest possible tackle.   Constructed with multi composites, R Jigger is lightweight and packs unmatched lifting capability.   Look no further if you are looking for a rod with effective fish fighting capability.   

Blank Material: 24T – 30T  

Fuji Stainless Steel SiC – EMNSG + EMNST

There are many jigging rods, we know that with this technique we put the material to the limit and we are always looking for something that does not break and that can stop and drag the largest fish from the depths. I had the opportunity to test this rod with several colleagues in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, the island of EIAO. This island is perfect for extreme jigging due to its depths, its currents and its huge fish. Jigging at 100-150m with jigs over 500grs is no joke and you need a balanced rig that can give the jigs action without tiring you too much and is also capable of stopping the big dog teeth, sharks and gts. That is what the X-Twelve has been designed for, it can handle everything, it is light and gives you security when you use it and push it to the limit, what is its limit? We don't know yet, what if I can tell you that we were able to catch a 220kg black marlin with her, if she can do that, she can do anything. It is built with the highest quality materials to give consistency and resistance to the whole set. By Prostaff – Alex Rios (Spain)

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