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Vanfook (JWS-51)

Vanfook (JWS-51)

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Wire single assist for "catch Spanish mackerel with sword pattern" "Completely compatible with sword pattern." Specially designed assist hook for aiming for sharp-toothed Spanish mackerel with a long jig. The hook uses "Jigen Hyper (JH-30)" which is lightweight, sensitive and has excellent penetration performance. The assist line is strong and flexible, and the hybrid wire "* Keprat Metal GX (200Lb)" that is hard to kink is further protected by a transparent shrink tube. It is a special model that takes measures against the assist line breakage due to the sharp teeth of the fish. The assist line length is set longer so that it can handle heavy weight long jigs. There is moderate tension and there is very little entanglement with the jig. * Keprato Metal GX: A NEW type hook yarn that adds metal assist to the suppleness of the fiber. High wear resistance for sharp-toothed fish (YGK) Hook: Jigen Hyper (JH-30) Assist Line: Keprato Metal GX Ring: Assist Ring (A-PR) #S Shrink Tube: Blue Shrink Tube (B-ST) 3.5 mm

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