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Gamakatsu P-Flex MH Blue Backed Twin

Gamakatsu P-Flex MH Blue Backed Twin

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Since its release, the "P-Flex", which has been well-received as a single hook for plugs, now has a twin specification that is based on the hot demand from the field. By making it a twin specification, the target is securely locked, and it is safe for forcible power fights. In addition, by increasing the hook weight, it is possible to handle plugs whose weight balance has been lost with a lightweight single hook. It supports a wide range of games, from blue-backed plugging games to Nankai reef games.

2/0 - [2 groups per pack]

3/0 - [2 groups per pack]

4/0 - [2 groups per pack]

5/0 - [2 groups per pack]

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