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Gamakatsu Kamaitachi Heavy

Gamakatsu Kamaitachi Heavy

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● Ultra-short axis design ideal for short jigs that are often used in slow pitch jigging. It also suppresses interference between front and rear assists.

● Medium-thick shaft setting of high toughness "T.G.W" that is fully compatible with high-power fights.

● It is a barbless with high penetration and does not widen the wound, so it is safe to remove the hook.

● We pursue zero shortage by weak point press that leaves a round shaft on the bend heel. ● By setting the tataki part up and catching the assist line on the surface, troubles in the chimoto part can be prevented.

3/0 - 7 pieces per pack

4/0 - 6 pieces per pack

5/0 - 5 pieces per pack

6/0 - 4 pieces per pack

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