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Gamakatsu Jigging Hook Vertical Limit

Gamakatsu Jigging Hook Vertical Limit

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The biggest features of the vertical limit are outstanding hooking and holding power. It shows high characteristics, especially in situations where the activity of fish is low or the bite is shallow. The contradictory elements of "initial hooking performance" that tries to pierce the body of the fish from the point where the tip of the hook touches, and "penetration power" that the fish hooks firmly even if it tries to reverse. Is well-balanced. <Overview of specifications>

● Pursuing a balance between good initial hooking and penetration by setting the tip angle and straight point that have been calculated.

● For yellowtail, amberjack, amberjack, and large groupers, select a material with a wire diameter that is strong enough to handle both rigid and flexible fight styles for each issue. ● It is a simple round bend shape with excellent hold performance by catching the load of fish over a wide range, but in order to reduce shortage, the shape holding power of the hook body is left while leaving a round shaft part on the bend heel (the deepest part of the foot roller). Partially flattened to enhance.

● The weight of the hook itself is suppressed by the tataki specification.

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