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Gamakatsu Jigging Hook Sickle Sword

Gamakatsu Jigging Hook Sickle Sword

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Short shank Wide gap shape provides quick hooking for quick hooking. The optimum power setting that suppresses the deflection of the hook during hooking enables more reliable hooking by reducing power loss. Don't miss the fall bite from the invitation to raise. In addition, we have adopted a weak point press and optimized the bend shape to significantly reduce shortage. It is a hook that can be used in a wide range of sea areas and target fish in 4 sizes, and is ideal for technical jigging styles that emphasize invitation.

2/0 - [8 pieces per pack]

3/0 - [8 pieces per pack]

4/0 - [8 pieces per pack]

5/0 - [6 pieces per pack]

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